Summer Reading

Happy summer! To keep young brains active over the break, we have some tips and tricks to help keep their reading skills at grade level.  

How to Encourage Summer Reading

  1. Let your children decide what they would like to read. During the school year, students often read pre-selected books for their class. Summer break is the perfect time for them to select books of interest and discover new authors. 
  2. Take a trip to your local public library as a family.  
  3. Reading doesn’t always have to come from traditionally styled novels — magazines and comic-books are also great resources to hone reading skills. 
  4. While viewing films, try watching with the subtitles turned on. Reading movie subtitles is a fun way to read without it feeling like homework. 
  5. If your children do not wish to read every day, that’s okay. Try reading to them or with them. This also helps them learn the correct pronunciation of words and allows them to ask frequent questions. 

Reading Rewards 

Happy Reading! We would like to wish everyone a fun and safe summer break.